Practical Tips for Bengkulu Tourism

Horizon Hotel

Is the Hotel the Red Cross staff usually stayes when they travel to Bengkulu. It has the best pool in town, which is not only frequented by hotel guests but by the locals as well. Has fairly decent rooms and is not to far away from downtown or the beach.

How to get to Bengkulu?

The easiest and most convenient way is to fly from Jakarta. Actually the only flights are from there, though there was talk of an Bengkulu – Padang Air Link. Mandala, Batavia and Sriwijia fliy once a day, Lion Air twice. The flights are usually around 500.000 IDR. TX Travel on Suprapto can help you with booking and has english speaking staff.

Traveling by bus from Jakarta takes around 25 hours.

There are busses leaving from Terminal Panorma or Pasar Panorma to places around Sumatra and a couple of „Travel“. Travel is a unique Indonesian way of traveling by road. Essentially its a small bus or van with a driver, some of them are quite comfortable, though more expensive then the bus. But usually you get good money for your trip.

BHW Travel is one of them, going to Bengkulu, Lubuk Linggau, Palembang, Manna, Lampung, Muara Aman, Muko Muko and Padang. They are in the Jalan Bali / HP 0813 6772 1 777.

To Curup you can take the bus by „CV.ans Travel“ which leaves Bengkulu at 6:00, 8:00 and 13:00 in the Jl. Jawa No. 22. Hp: 0813 7393 0036

CV. P.O. Top Travel & Express at the Jl Parman No 58, which offers travels to Curup, Lubuk Linggau, Jambi, Palembang, Pekanbaru, Duami, Padang, Bukittingi and other places: tel. 0752 8022488

For going by bus there are the SAN buses, just ask your angkot driver.

For Restaurants and eating places see myarticle: resto-bengkulu-some-reviews

And for things to do see the last post about Bengkulu.

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