Some English Ambulance Stuff

Stayin‘ Alive at Chattanooga Fire Academy 2013

What a good video to teach how CPR is done.

By the way I also teach First Aid from time to time.

You may also watch a good insight in how life is really when you work as paramedic:

Its a UK TV Series and its pretty realistic. I hope we may have something like this as well in Germany.


Blick aus dem fahrenden KTW irgendwo vor Staufen
Blick aus dem fahrenden KTW irgendwo vor Staufen

Hollywood makes cryptofascist movies like GI Joe in order to support the american war agenda. The Guardian

Obama, Romney and the Dog Wars:

What are the borders of our state, what is a nation and how is it defined? Academic paper, very interesting.

The only real thing is science fiction, why the future has begun

Participation and so on

Soccer Player collapses with cardiac arrest on the field, recovers later a CPR story – the guardian.

If you need a word cloud use wordle.

Deutsche Links

Warum FDP und Piraten fusionieren sollten.

Die Stufen des Süddeutschen nicht aus der Süddeutschen sondern der Stuttgarter Zeitung.