10 reasons why Finland shouldn’t elect a gay president

  1. Woman won’t be able to advance their career by sleeping with the president but instead have to rely on their brains and skills!
  2. He will always be better dressed then the other guys in the room. Especially true for Finland where male fashion is set by the lumberjacks..
  3. People might be distracted from his policies by fantasies of hot shower scenes in which they are not allowed to participate.
  4. He might fall in love with the gay foreign minister of Germany and start kissing him all over at an official government meeting (The long term relationship argument doesn’t count, as Bill had clearly one with Hillary)
  5. Only for France: how would he get the two illicit children that qualify him for office?
  6. He will have to think of a whole new disguise for his lovers, as  the secretary thing won’t work any-more. Unfortunately the Finnish society has not yet progressed so far, as that man can work as secretaries without arising suspicion.
  7. He won’t bomb Iran.
  8. It will create so much more opportunities for SETA jokes
  9. Chuck Norris does not approve this*
  10. 10. He might be attacked by gay ice bears in the forest.
  11. 11. Bing translates Pekka as Bob.


Bericht aus Japan

euch von meiner Reise hier am nächsten Montag, den 27.4.09
berichten.  Die Reise hierher hat sich gelohnt und war sehr interessant und
spannend. Unsere Reisegruppe mit Atai Keller, Irene Vogel, Michel Moos,
Martina Feierling Rombach, den Sängers, zeitweise dem OB und Herr Essmann, sowie Herr Burger von der Repräsentation hat hier ein super Programm.

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Sebastian @ICLEI Worldcongress

ICLEI hat mich gebeten zu ihrem World Congress nach Edmonton zu fahren und dort beim Young Municipal Leaders Gathering dabei zu sein.

Über die Initiative heißt es:

Young Municipal Leaders

The initiative aims to create a world-wide network of young mayors, city council members and other activists involved in local decision making, e.g. within a party or as a leader of an engaged youth group. „Sebastian @ICLEI Worldcongress“ weiterlesen