Evidence Based Youth Policy Seminar


The last week I was in a small village near Vilnius (Lithuania) to discuss evidence based youth policy with a group of young people and youth workers from all other Europe organised by POLITIKOS TYRIM? IR ANALIZ?S INSTITUTAS from Lithuania.

It is always great to get into contact with many new people on youth policy from all across europe. I shared a little bit about the German system of youth policy and how it is set and and done. But even more intresting I lerned a lot from other countries and their practices. For example a current hot toppic in the UK are the huge cuts done in the health and welfare system.


The core idea of the project was to bring together youth researchers and practitioners from different European countries to develop set of tools that can be used Europe-wide to analyse youth (policy) situation. We shared a lot of research tools and information about what youth policy is. We talked about methodology and about the current practices.  „Evidence Based Youth Policy Seminar“ weiterlesen