Singapore, Jakarta, Bandung

So its time to report a little bit about my journey through this far away lands. I’m writing this in the PMI Kota office in Bengkulu, where I worked alongside with Indonesian Red Cross volunteers in 2009/10. But let me recount my journey so far.

First I was in Singapore to met with some Friends I know through the South East Asian Youth Red Cross meeting in Batam and another friend I met at the most interesting academic seminar of my university in Udine.  Singapore is fascination and my things happened to me there: I could watch their national day parade from a place close to the actual stage. The parade included F-16 overflights, huge flags, skaters, military pomp unseen in Germany (in the west not since the 1940s in the east not since reunification).

Then I was able to accompany a friend of mine to the school where he is teaching and see the Anglo-Chinese-School from the inside. People also invited me to their house to a Hari Raya Celebration. I went with a friend to the Garden by the Bay and he took me to eat in the restaturant where he trains as a chef. In this restautrant I was also the only customer. A very intresting experience as at times I had the feeling that the staff (all trainee waiters and chefs) were competing on whom to serve the only patron. But food was good.

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Freiburgs New Augustiner Museum

I had the chance to get an exclusive tour by the head of the Augustinermuseum Mr. Stockhausen with some of the former councilors. When I was on the city council the renovation and some budget overrans were controversial, especially since it was a time in which we had to make budget cuts in other aeras and tried to renovate a lot of Freiburgs run down schools. „Freiburgs New Augustiner Museum“ weiterlesen