Singapore, Jakarta, Bandung

So its time to report a little bit about my journey through this far away lands. I’m writing this in the PMI Kota office in Bengkulu, where I worked alongside with Indonesian Red Cross volunteers in 2009/10. But let me recount my journey so far.

First I was in Singapore to met with some Friends I know through the South East Asian Youth Red Cross meeting in Batam and another friend I met at the most interesting academic seminar of my university in Udine.  Singapore is fascination and my things happened to me there: I could watch their national day parade from a place close to the actual stage. The parade included F-16 overflights, huge flags, skaters, military pomp unseen in Germany (in the west not since the 1940s in the east not since reunification).

Then I was able to accompany a friend of mine to the school where he is teaching and see the Anglo-Chinese-School from the inside. People also invited me to their house to a Hari Raya Celebration. I went with a friend to the Garden by the Bay and he took me to eat in the restaturant where he trains as a chef. In this restautrant I was also the only customer. A very intresting experience as at times I had the feeling that the staff (all trainee waiters and chefs) were competing on whom to serve the only patron. But food was good.

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„10 Möglichkeiten, eine Leiche unauffällig verschwinden zu lassen“ – man weiß ja nie, ob man es nicht mal braucht. Nicht ganz ernst gemeint und vielleicht sind auch nicht alle Vorschläge ganz praktikabel.

The Skinback Fusiliers – British soldiers account of their Afghan war. Published on the internet and good for reading online or on your kindle.

Abschiebung von Rechten würde deutsches Sozialsystem um Milliarden entlasten. Diese Website gibt Hinweise.

The 9/11 Report: A Graphic Adaptation – Reading for my teaching 9/11 class and its a very good adaption, not only for students but for adult readers as well who want to get an insight on what happend and what were the offical recomendation.

It all begins with political apathy –    A personal account of an singaporean student who stopped beeing apathic and started to get involved in a country that is rated as semi free on the freedom house index. And why she started volunteering.

10 Commandments for Motivating Language Learners – Some hints on teaching a foreign english. By the Oxford University Press.


Singapore Red Cross Ambulances
Singapore Red Cross Ambulances

I went to Singapore to see a friend who does his practical teaching semester here in the German School and to see some of my friends from Singapore Red Cross.

As usually you can find more pictures on my flickr stream.

Singapore Red Cross does run an non-emergency ambulance service and first-aid stations, this are some of their ambulances. Outside their Headquarters in the heart of Singapore.

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