a happy new year

As it has been a little tradition for new year I will be working on the ambulance. Today only until 22:00 so there will be some time to celebrate as well. For you the fellow readers of this blog, I wish you a happy new year with some pictures from work:


Ever wondered how it looks inside the ambulance if you turn of the lights and then drive with flashlights?


Of course more mundane things happen here as well, like sometimes checking how heavy your boots actually are.


Or teaching the young people how to sew.


Night time at the hospital


And if there is no work we are allowed to rest. Which will certainly not happen tonight.

Singapore, Jakarta, Bandung

So its time to report a little bit about my journey through this far away lands. I’m writing this in the PMI Kota office in Bengkulu, where I worked alongside with Indonesian Red Cross volunteers in 2009/10. But let me recount my journey so far.

First I was in Singapore to met with some Friends I know through the South East Asian Youth Red Cross meeting in Batam and another friend I met at the most interesting academic seminar of my university in Udine.  Singapore is fascination and my things happened to me there: I could watch their national day parade from a place close to the actual stage. The parade included F-16 overflights, huge flags, skaters, military pomp unseen in Germany (in the west not since the 1940s in the east not since reunification).

Then I was able to accompany a friend of mine to the school where he is teaching and see the Anglo-Chinese-School from the inside. People also invited me to their house to a Hari Raya Celebration. I went with a friend to the Garden by the Bay and he took me to eat in the restaturant where he trains as a chef. In this restautrant I was also the only customer. A very intresting experience as at times I had the feeling that the staff (all trainee waiters and chefs) were competing on whom to serve the only patron. But food was good.

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Der Freiburger Stadtbahntracker – ultracooles Studentenprojekt, wenn man schon immer mal sehen wollte wo deine Bahn gerade ist: http://tracker.patrickbrosi.de/freiburg/

Dirk Schümmer über Parteien in der Eurokrise, die „verkommen in der Krise. Sie pflegen nur noch die Interessengärtchen der Rentner und verteilen lustig Zugewinne aus früheren Jahren, von denen längst nichts mehr übrig ist“ FAZ (Artikel)

Martin Jost auf seinem Blog „Hippokratischer Eid der Computeradmins“: „Ich werde Administratorrechte erteilen zum Nutzen der User nach meiner Fähigkeit und meinem Urteil, hüten aber werde ich mich davor, sie zum Schaden und in unrechter Weise anzuwenden.“ das ganze Blog

Dramatische Spiegel TV Reportage über die Arbeit von Notärzten in Marburg:http://www.spiegel.tv/filme/notaerzte-reportage/


A night with the Booze Bus of the London Ambulance Service, not that diffrent from what we do in Freiburg, except we carry them in the normal ambulance – The Guardian (Articel)

The German Ideology for Europe, Austerity and its discontent. Le Monde diplomatique

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Why Democracy is a good way of solving problems: cognitive democracy

New York Times: Who Bit My Border? – Why is Papuas Border a little bit round.

Satirical look on how a Bill becomes a Law, very intresting for all political science students.

Impressions from the Popes trip to Freiburg

This is a picture taken at the early morning, around 6:00 when the first masses of pilgrims were arriving. And some order of Malta people in black boilersuits and this very fashionable womans dresses, pushed a couple of people on wheelchairs onto the field. In total there were more then 100.000 people in attendance and it takes a while for those to get onto the field and back again.

The pope then held the mass from this great white stage, then had lunch with some cardinals, held a speech in the concert room and then went back home.

If you wonder, why I show you a picture from the inside of a fire service command truck, its because there I was able to hear and see parts of the service. The Malteser had about 1500 people around, everything from cooking to doctors and paramedics who would treat injured or sick pilgrims. We had fantasti cooperation not only from the guys of the local volunteer fire brigade who were near us, but as well from the Malteser from Memmingen who did the dispatch and worked thoroughly only with very little sleep during the night and of course the very funny and niece guys from the police in the Palatinate and Bavaria.

From the press release I have learned that we have treated 387 people, brought 33 to a hospital and had more then 50 vehicles deployed, which 1500 people helped. This is certainly the biggest mission the Freiburg Malteser have ever done.

This is also a picture from our parking area, where not only the ambulances for potentially sick people on the field would park, but the fire brigade and the local dispatchers in their car. Behind us the police, a helicopter just starting and the Neue Messe in which we had the medical centre. In the dusk the blackforrest and the Münster. „Impressions from the Popes trip to Freiburg“ weiterlesen