„10 Möglichkeiten, eine Leiche unauffällig verschwinden zu lassen“ – man weiß ja nie, ob man es nicht mal braucht. Nicht ganz ernst gemeint und vielleicht sind auch nicht alle Vorschläge ganz praktikabel.

The Skinback Fusiliers – British soldiers account of their Afghan war. Published on the internet and good for reading online or on your kindle.

Abschiebung von Rechten würde deutsches Sozialsystem um Milliarden entlasten. Diese Website gibt Hinweise.

The 9/11 Report: A Graphic Adaptation – Reading for my teaching 9/11 class and its a very good adaption, not only for students but for adult readers as well who want to get an insight on what happend and what were the offical recomendation.

It all begins with political apathy –    A personal account of an singaporean student who stopped beeing apathic and started to get involved in a country that is rated as semi free on the freedom house index. And why she started volunteering.

10 Commandments for Motivating Language Learners – Some hints on teaching a foreign english. By the Oxford University Press.

Resources for teaching English

That happens if you don’t behave in school!

In our seminar on teaching english we used the following online resources for teaching grammer:

Edufind: http://edufind.com/english/grammar/grammar_topics.php

The Internet Grammer of English, intended for University undergraduates, complete with exercises and a lot of explanations, a British Grammer, from the University College of London: http://www.ucl.ac.uk/internet-grammar/frames/contents.htm

Tingo Lingo from the University of Koblenz, a very funny flash and browser based English game for students, its intended for childrend but can be used for adult learners as well:  http://www.uni-koblenz.de/tingolingo/