10 reasons why Finland shouldn’t elect a gay president

  1. Woman won’t be able to advance their career by sleeping with the president but instead have to rely on their brains and skills!
  2. He will always be better dressed then the other guys in the room. Especially true for Finland where male fashion is set by the lumberjacks..
  3. People might be distracted from his policies by fantasies of hot shower scenes in which they are not allowed to participate.
  4. He might fall in love with the gay foreign minister of Germany and start kissing him all over at an official government meeting (The long term relationship argument doesn’t count, as Bill had clearly one with Hillary)
  5. Only for France: how would he get the two illicit children that qualify him for office?
  6. He will have to think of a whole new disguise for his lovers, as  the secretary thing won’t work any-more. Unfortunately the Finnish society has not yet progressed so far, as that man can work as secretaries without arising suspicion.
  7. He won’t bomb Iran.
  8. It will create so much more opportunities for SETA jokes
  9. Chuck Norris does not approve this*
  10. 10. He might be attacked by gay ice bears in the forest.
  11. 11. Bing translates Pekka as Bob.



„10 Möglichkeiten, eine Leiche unauffällig verschwinden zu lassen“ – man weiß ja nie, ob man es nicht mal braucht. Nicht ganz ernst gemeint und vielleicht sind auch nicht alle Vorschläge ganz praktikabel.

The Skinback Fusiliers – British soldiers account of their Afghan war. Published on the internet and good for reading online or on your kindle.

Abschiebung von Rechten würde deutsches Sozialsystem um Milliarden entlasten. Diese Website gibt Hinweise.

The 9/11 Report: A Graphic Adaptation – Reading for my teaching 9/11 class and its a very good adaption, not only for students but for adult readers as well who want to get an insight on what happend and what were the offical recomendation.

It all begins with political apathy –    A personal account of an singaporean student who stopped beeing apathic and started to get involved in a country that is rated as semi free on the freedom house index. And why she started volunteering.

10 Commandments for Motivating Language Learners – Some hints on teaching a foreign english. By the Oxford University Press.