One week after Armenia – some thoughts

The airplane landed at 3 in the night at Yerevan airport’s surprisingly modern airport. Modern and well built, but a little faceless as all modern airport buildings are. Our first encounter with real Armenia did we have immediately when I discovered a hedgehog living in the trunk of my taxi. These taxis became a daily experience of our trip as we rode on the backseat of old Ladas, without seatbelts, hoping our trip would go well.

Yerevan downtown is a modern, almost west European city and you could mistakenly believe you are somewhere southern France, but when you come into the outskirts you notice this is a poor country and when you see the countryside you think even the Banlieu is rich. Whilst Yerevan is full of white and black SUV and large Mercedes limousines on the countryside you can see people residing in what are mere shacks. Houses that are little more then a tin roof and some bare walls.

One of the youth centers we visited was opposite from the state security service so we were not allowed to take any pictures, as not to endanger the security of the Republic of Armenia, but I guess they have little trouble with anti social behavior of youth around the place. „One week after Armenia – some thoughts“ weiterlesen

Day 3

This morning we had a very interesting talk and discussion about environmental campaigning and issues in Armenia by one of its foremost advocates. Later we went to KASA foundation again to get some more insights into their work and also visit a theatre group, who do a lot of forum theatre to rise awareness of social, political and gender issues.

It is late and I tomorrow we will go to see Armenias second city Gymri. However it was good to have some time off in the afternoon to get to see a little bit of the city as well.


im Prinzip ja, aber

On the photo you see Andreas Bender, chairman of the umbrella organisation presenting its work and structure.

The first two days of our study visit to Armenia are over, its long past midnight as a write these lines, but I promised to report. We had two very interesting meetings today, one with the Armenian Ministry on Youth and Sports the other one with representatives of the Youth NGO, both of them were on the topic of youth in Armenia.

The Ministry for Youth explains the youth report

Youth research and statistical data is not widely available in Armenia, as there have been only two reports on the situation of young people. Which are defined differently from how we do it here in western Europe, as people between the age of 18 – 30. And their views on issues like genderrelations, marriage, divorce, politics. For me striking was, that more then 11 % of all these people sampled were member of a political party. Which the experts explain that some people do not know that they are member of a party and others are only member because its good or expected for their career. When we asked on the views and situations of people below that age, the Ministry people could not give any answer, as apparently they have never done a survey on this. „im Prinzip ja, aber“ weiterlesen


finns taken their cat for a walk in the park...
finns taken their cat for a walk in the park…

To call that hypocritical would be to do a disservice to the word. Mindfucking obscenely hypocritical starts to approach it a little bit.“ Football players response on the issue of gay marriage.

Freiburg one of the cities best for wellbeeing, the guardian, at least that is something I Like to hear!

The guardian (again) is doing a pretty comprehensive series on Germany: The accidental empire.

Is their such a thing as the moral case for the current drone war, again Sebastian has read the guardian and finds the arguments not pretty convincing.

Auf Deutsch

Buchempfehlung: Unsichtbares Politikprogramm?
Politikfern, wenig interessiert und engagiert: So lautet häufig das Urteil, wenn es um Jugendliche aus „bildungsfernen“ Milieus geht. Doch viele Themen der politischen Bildung sind anschlussfähig, wenn sie einen Bezug zu deren Lebenswelten herstellen. Politisches Interesse schlummert in dieser Gruppe – wenn auch häufig „unsichtbar“.
Schriftenreihe (Bd. 1138)

Mutti in der BZ Emmendingen über die 50km Diät: „Das Problem waren immer die Details: Schokolade, Zitrusfrüchte“BZ-INTERVIEW mit Gerti Müller, die heute, Donnerstag, über ihre Erfahrungen mit der Aktion „50-Kilometer-Diät“ im Alten Rathaus von Emmendingen berichtet.

Zwergenaufstand und Ökodiktatur im Deutschen Südwesten: Karrikaturen über Winnie und seine Freunde aus der Kontext Wochenzeitung.


Is Armenia’s Nuclear Plant the World’s Most Dangerous? – National Geographic reports.

Pardoning of Azeri axe murderer raises tensions in the Caucasus | Simon Tisdall – of the guardian (maybe I should start reading the torygraph)


And finally two more blogs to watch: The writer comes from Singapore, the went to northern Finland, studied at the University of Oulu and writes about the World and teaching from Buddhist perspective. Right now I try to understand his thesis.
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