MTQN 23 in Bengkulu: National Koran reading competition

Contributions from all of Indonesias 33 Provinces
Contributions from all of Indonesias 33 Provinces

Starting at the 5th we have the big national Koran reading and reciting competition here in Bengkulu. MTQN.

Whilst I thord that a Koran reading competition would be a very pious and serious affair, here the people think of something else.

The big party - opend by the president
The big party - opend by the president

Around the stadium the opening ceremony took place, there is huge fair and you can buy clothes, sweets and lots of other things. It has more a country fair feeling or for the Freiburg people it feels more then the „Schalten und Walten“ with stands from the local farmers cooperative, and tourist office.

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Nama, Nama, siapa?

Personen Namen sind eine ganz besondere Sache in Indonesier. Bei uns ist es ja traditionell so, Mann heiratet Frau, erster Name der Frau bleibt, Name den sie geerbt hat, wird durch Namen des Mannes ersetzt. Dieser steht als letzter. Hier ist das alles ein wenig komplizierter.

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Actors Cards in Bahasa Indonesia

Darstellerkarte_IndonesischYesterday we finished one of the projects I have been doing here for a while, a friend of mine translated the German Red Cross Actors Cards into Indonesian and I will start using them at school visits now. If you want to use them for First Aid lessons or any other kind of PMI / PMR (Youth Red Cross) activity feel free.

Download: Actors Cards Bahasa Indonesia (PDF)

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Rot Kreuz Indonesisch

Einige Vokabeln die ganz nützlich sind wenn man hier das Rote Kreuz verstehen will. Keine Gewähr für Richtigkeit!

Palang Merah Indonesia = Indonesisches Rotes Kreuz
Pusat = Hauptquartier
PMI – Daerah = Landesverband
PMI Cabang = Ortsverein
Pengurus = Vorstand
kepala markas = Büroleiter „Rot Kreuz Indonesisch“ weiterlesen