Actors Cards in Bahasa Indonesia

Darstellerkarte_IndonesischYesterday we finished one of the projects I have been doing here for a while, a friend of mine translated the German Red Cross Actors Cards into Indonesian and I will start using them at school visits now. If you want to use them for First Aid lessons or any other kind of PMI / PMR (Youth Red Cross) activity feel free.

Download: Actors Cards Bahasa Indonesia (PDF)

If you have any comments or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Youth Red Cross at work
Youth Red Cross at work

You can find the details here. The German version is used in First Aid instructions at school and for adults.

Responding to Medical Emergencies is not only a matter of knowledge but one of mind set and the self confidence to do so. Whilst we can not have real emergencies in the classroom, we can try to reenact situations most similar to it.

This follows the idea, that people learn more then they act and play, instead of only listening. I hope to use these at my school visits.

Many thanks for Rofadhila Azda and Ferdian Syah from PMI Bengkulu which translated for uns and witout her this project would not have been possible.


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