Reading about Indonesia and Learning Indonesian

Sebastian gives some remarks on good books about Indonesia.

The Learner’s Dicitionars of Today’s Indonesian
George Quinn, Allen&Unwin
ISBN: 1 86448 543 4

A very good dicitonary that contains a lot of further information and the 4000 most improtant words in English and Indonesian language. Though it was not cheap (54,99 AUD) it is worth its price.

Understanding Indonesian Grammar
James Neil Sneddon, Allen&Unwin
ISBN: 978 186448 776 3

An fairly recently version of a good grammer for learing Indonesian. Though it cost 43 AUD. Its from the same series of books as the Learner’s Dictonary

A fragile Nation – the Indonesian Crisis
Lee Khoon Choy
World Scientific
ISBN 981 02 4003 1

A personal account of a Singapore diplomat about his work and the situation in Indonesia. May not be the ost up to date, but gives a very personal insight and Asian perspective.

Lonely Planet: Bali & Lombok
Ryan Ver Berkmoes, Adam Skolnick, Marian Carroll
ISBN 978-1-74104-864-3

The lonely planet is as usuall a very good guide. I bought this for my parents visit to Bali, to prepare myself.

If you are intrested about this toppic see my articles: Lesen and Indonesisch lernen and check out this blog


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