Sebastian @ICLEI Worldcongress

ICLEI hat mich gebeten zu ihrem World Congress nach Edmonton zu fahren und dort beim Young Municipal Leaders Gathering dabei zu sein.

Über die Initiative heißt es:

Young Municipal Leaders

The initiative aims to create a world-wide network of young mayors, city council members and other activists involved in local decision making, e.g. within a party or as a leader of an engaged youth group.

The Young Municipal Leaders Initiative shall strengthen the efforts of its young members towards local sustainability, help them to liaise with peers and more experienced colleagues and assist in their professional and personal capacity building.

The Young Municipal Leaders Initiative will

  • Form a world-wide, vibrant network among ICLEI’s young leaders and link them to a group of experienced mentors,
  • Invite young leaders to events where they can meet,
  • Organize a summer course each year for young leaders,
  • Provide access to information,
  • Build capacity, also through distance learning features.

The ICLEI International Training Centre is committed to supporting the initiative through the preparation of networking gatherings, provision of capacity building activities and the facilitation of an email list.
UNEP and UN-HABITAT have both indicated their support of the Initiative; further international partners will be contacted.


  • Host: City Councillor Don Iveson, City of Edmonton,  Canada
  • Erin Shapero, Councillor, Markham, Canada
  • Europe: Sebastian Müller, Freiburg, Germany

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