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Poetry from Oregon

21. September 2011

We had this very inspiring Poetry Seminar by the Oregonian Poet and Friend of Prof. Hesse at this cozy beach retreat in Seal Rock. Ingrid taught us to write poetry and she introduced us to some of her works as well. During her days with us, she had the first reading of her new book: „Evensong„. For this blog she read her poem:

Visiting Central School by Ingrid Wendt

Down below you see one of my own attemps at poetry. The pictures taken are all from the beach here in Seal Rock at the Oregonian Pacific Coast. The one above from the local aquarium.

 Looking through the Mirror

Seeing my Image

Reflections of things past, things to come

Through the mirror into the other

Universe, travelling

Flip side of the travel

Standing in the elevator, riding down to work each morning,

 watching my Preparations getting ready, collar adjusted and face creamed

Another of the leading poets is William Stafford, I want to give you the highlight to this Poem of him called: City Hall

From Boston to Seattle via Chicago (by train)

16. September 2011

The grand voyage from coast to coast started on Monday, three nights ago in Boston. I had arrived by a crappy US Airways flight from Frankfurt via Philadelphia the night before. Before I left with the Lake Shore Limited to Chicago I deceided to visit the JFK Memorial. The picture was taken from the inside of the amazing building (Thanks I.M. Pei).

Then with the said Lake Shore Limited it took me about 22 hours to arrive in Chicago. For one night the reclinng seat was OK and you have plenty of space and all the Americans I met on the way were really niece.

A short break for lunch and a elevator ride up the Sears Tower was just the right thing to do in the 4 hours in between changing trains. I entered the Empire Builder and off we went for the two nights to Seattle, across an long an empty stretch of America. (more…)