Wenn das Bild fehlt...oder ein "Indonesischer Kommentar zur Wulff Affäre


Wie man eine Affäre macht – Aus dem Tagesspiegel

Wulf und Ernst Jünger im Stahlgewitter – Wie man sich halt selbst im Schloß so sieht – aus der FAZ

Wulf wird nun auch durch Ökonomieproffs verulkt – Handlesblatt Blogs


Don’t ask silly questions! Any yes a very good example of beautiful Malay-Chinese-English –

Thank you for calling emergency services and thanks to the European Comission for this video –

English Reading

On the diffrence of German and British humor – from the guardian

Why Skateboarders are important for our cities – Opninion piece from „the Independent“ : “ … What skateboarding, and all the myriad urban practices of the city tell us, is that we need to need to celebrate three things: different peoples, different spaces and different ways of knowing the city. We need to celebrate the people of different backgrounds, races, ages, classes, sexuality, gender and general interests, …“

How (not) to communicate new scientific information: a memoir of the famous brindley lecture – Yes sience can be fun, but not necissarily for the entire family

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