on Russia, Ukraine and Nato

Two interesting articles about the recent development in Ukraine:

From The Atlantic community Magazine“ It is widely believed that NATO cannot station forces permanently in Eastern Europe without violating a pledge it gave to Russia in 1997, in the NATO-Russia Founding Act.  The belief is accepted even in articles that favor stationing troops in Eastern Europe. Yet, as we shall see, a simple cursory examination of the 1997 document reveals that it is not the case.

NATO reiterates that in the current and foreseeable security environment, the Alliance will carry out its collective defence and other missions by ensuring the necessary interoperability, integration, and capability for reinforcement rather than by additional permanent stationing of substantial combat forces.“

And a very good article that explains everything from Russia Today to Putins Plans

Yes, Russia Matters: Putin’s Guerrilla Strategy (from the World Affairs Journal Website

„When RT first launched in 2005, it featured programs about the joys of Russian culture and countryside. But the ratings were terrible. So gradually RT changed its approach. Instead of focusing on Russia, it chose to climb inside existing Western ideological narratives that were already hostile to the US and “Western hegemony.” (…)
It is no accident that a recurring feature of RT programs is conspiracy theories, ranging from tales of the Bilderberg Group to lurid reporting on how Western media cover up their governments’ crimes. Appealing to the conspiracy mind-set reinforces the Kremlin’s underlying message that the Western model of democratic capitalism is a failure and a sham

Exclusive: Russian Soldiers Reveal the Truth Behind Putin’s Secret War (Newsweek)

„So as not to be identified as Russian regular forces, commanders ordered the paratroopers to change into the Western military surplus desert camouflage their wives had to buy for them, with their own money. (…) The use of misleading uniforms to sneak into foreign territory for a secret operation does not surprise Russian military experts. One Moscow-based army analyst recalled the earlier “masquerades” or false flag operations under Soviet military doctrine, sending Soviet and Russian commandos dressed as locals…“


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