Fort Mc Murray

the way north
the way north

The last two days I went to the oil city of Fort Mc Murray which is a 6 hours drives away from Edmonton. The Road was not as bad as initially feared. The entire town is beautifully situated at the Athabasca River. But certainly its a one business town.

On my trip north east I could already see some of the symptoms of oil: small wells and the in situ facilities for extracting oil from oil sands. If you go north on the highway you see the big open pit mines for both suncor and syncrude. These produce about 20 % of Canads oil production.
The extraction process is technically complicated and hugely energy intensive.

where they make oil from sand

Unfortunately I couldn’t do a trip through the mines, you have to prebook it through the tourist office in advance. But I did a roundtrip by small plane which gave me a very good overview about the enormous size of the operation.

Oil Oil Oil
Oil Oil Oil

Thanks to my pilot, who gave me the opportunity to see the thing.
Nothing else is there to be seen or noteworthy.

For all of you who are planning to go to Fort Mc Murray, I can recommend you the Chez Dube Bed and Breakfast and for Fort Mc Murray Aviation:

Today the conference hast started and lets see what inspiring ideas it will bring.

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