Books for Christmas

So before the holiday season begins and some of the fellow man do not have had time to go for shopping, because acidently and surprisingly christmas came, here are some book recomendations you might want to give as last minute presents, especially if the reciever of the present has a kindle:

Following the Wrong God Home by Cathrine Lim, She is a Singaporese Author and I’m half through the book by now. Chronicles the life of a young woman in Singapore and negotiates politics, religion and the perils of society. Niece read espiecally if you want somehting from outside the west for christmas.

Watching the English: The Hidden Rules of English Behaviour – An English antropoligst explains the rules and grammer of life in England to us. Finally a book every student of English culture should read and keep in mind. Makes interacting with the Angloes so much easier. Also a good read.

The Afrika Reich Another book on the English or so, not the true christmas read, but I’m always in for some good alternative history fiction. And fighting fictional Nazis in their African Empire seems to be a worthwile task. Was on the the Economists List of best Fiction of 2011. Slows down during after the first half of the book a little.

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