Best of: Finnish Police

Since a couple of weeks I have subscribed to the finish police forces various social media accounts. Police forces as well as individual policepersons seems to be quite active, especially on instragram, but also on Facebook and twitter.

Their messages all seem to be taken with some irony and humor. Here are the best (so far).

Obviously the strategy is to present police as people who enjoy sports and are physically fit (maybe these deters criminals) and as people who have fun at their work:

Also the humor and making fun about Halloween and stuff seems to be important:

The police school even participates with one this popular finish fish memes? Witch they explain in the commentary section: nice blog @sbamueller! #kuhajutut-meemi is based on Finnish language so it’s pretty hard to explain 🙂 „Kuha“ is both a fish and a spoken-language version of „kunhan“ (as long as). „Voi“ is both #butter“ and the verb „can“. Here we tackled all the memes in one picture: sporting with other officers (#taukojumppa), wearing the reflective vest (#taikaviitta) and the fish/butter -thing. The text translates „One can exercise as long as one is visible“… Weird Finnish humour… 🙂

Turku Police even made fun about Vrioussos bad reputation (the place where I live and no its not bad). With a special monopoly:

But batman seems to be important as well:

And in a way batman is the perfect mixture of humor and physically fit, isn’t it?

But there is pure humor as well:  like at this report about a missing life raft and its captain or the the Halloween pictures above.

So it seems: funny things about police work and presenting the police as physically fit. Maybe this is due to instragramm as a medium, which is full of fitness pictures.

But maybe this kind of public relations has also benefits: if many people follow police accounts on twitter, facebook and so on they can more easily spread preventive informations (in Germany this is always without humor and quite dull or boring). They can also put information on criminals out more easily and reach a different kind of people then those who read the newspaper or watch shows like „Aktenzeichen XY“.

More about this toppic.

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