The hidden swastikas of Finland

Finland is a great country. Well not because hundreds of millions of people live there or because its sunny all the time, no because of its people. And these people are much more relaxed about certain things. For example they are much more relaxed about swastikas. The swastika was a symbol adopted by the Nazis as to symbol their movement. It existed before and if you go to Bali you see it – with a totally different meaning – on temples and even on clothing.
So there are a couple of swastikas around in Finland. For example on this  school building in Helsinki:
Even better: The official Flag of the Finnish air Force academy:

And in 2013 the Swedes noticed that Finland beloved christmas pastry was a swastika too!

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7 Responses to “The hidden swastikas of Finland”

  1. Priya Lekha Donti Says:

    Does the swastika have an alternative meaning in Finland? It does in Hinduism and Buddhism (hence it being prevalent in India and Bali), but it does seem out of place to me in Finland…

  2. sbamueller Says:

    Egan Richardson tweets this:

    Now I understand: the Flag of the Finish President is eerily simlar to a swastika!

  3. sbamueller Says:

    And here an intresting Link explaining, why it might came to that:

  4. Maz Says:

    You should check out Latvia. The swastika has very long roots there, and they still managed to outlaw nazi and soviet symbols. Note though that they didn’t outlaw swastikas, sickles and hammers. I’m guessing context matters, as it should.

  5. Sebastian Müller Says:

    Interesting article about it:

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