Use of campaign ads in the EFL Classroom

Meine Hausarbeit bei Dr. Maria Eisenmann ueber die Nutzung von Campaign Ads in the EFL Classroom. (Als PDF Datei)

englisch Hausarbeit


I have shown that campaign ads can be a powerful tool to help students with their acquisition of the present English language. Furthermore it incorporates learning about politics and current affairs.
Besides that the public and thus our students are the target of political campaigns and should have at least a basic understanding of the political process.
They need such to make informed and conscious decisions. We as a society have to enable them to this
to avoid voter fatigue, radicalism and other dangers which are inherent to free society.
The use of visual and audio features gives learners a rich experience of the target language; it boosts their morale and attention. Using it to search for information helps students to develop the necessary skills to survive in the information age.

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