Young Municipal Leaders Resoultion for ICLEI Meeting

Now we have a text on the YML Resoultion for tommorrow.

Draft Resolution “Young Municipal Leaders”

We have come together here in Edmonton during the 2009 World Congress of ICLEI to explore the interest of Young Municipal Leaders and develop means to empower Young Leaders to make change in our cities that contributes to tangible improvements in global sustainability.

WHEREAS: As the next generation of leaders we are deeply concerned about global climate destabilization and the loss of biodiversity, which threaten the livability of our communities and our biosphere.

Young Municipal Leaders at Work Drafting a resoultion
Young Municipal Leaders at Work Drafting a resoultion

WHEREAS: we value opportunities for interaction with established leaders, not as mentorship but as partnership where both can learn from each other.

WHEREAS: we see an opportunity to not only empower young leaders within ICLEI, but also to empower other young people taking local leadership on sustainability within their communities.

Therefore we urge ICLEI to:

Create a Young Municipal Leaders Working Group, with full support of the Secretariat, to develop and implement an action plan in that may include, and is not limited to:

•    Developing a network of young leaders at the regional and global levels;
•    Developing a program for exchange opportunities, where young leaders could learn from other municipalities and link with other young leaders;
•    Make recommendations for increasing the voice of young leaders within ICLEI;
•    Developing a program for encouraging international involvement of Young Leaders at major sustainability events;
•    Consultation of Young Leaders on the development of ICLEI strategy and major projects.
•    Improving access to, and the presentation of ICLEI information about innovative projects and research, for the benefit of the broadest possible audience of young leaders.

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