In time for Halloween I thord I post a little about my Indonesien adventure so far.

We are currently in the lovely city of Yogyakarta in Central Java and buisly learn how to communicate with the people in their own tongue „Bahsa Indonesia“.

Indonesian-English Dictionary with Disney Figures, very nice cost me 100.000 IDR at Gramedia

On normal weekdays I wake up around 6:00 in the morning courtesy of Mandala Fligh RI 343 Jakarta – Yogyakarta and the broad daylight streaming into my room here in homestay Heru. See more in the video I included.

On Saturday night we will climb the local vulcano Mount Merapi, which is actice. The trip up will involve us leaving at midnight a short drive to the foot of the mountain, a steep walk up and we will have sunrise up there and then walk down again.

Yesterday we visited the Museum Affandi and had a stroll through this famous Indonesians home and atelier. It is definitivly worth a visit when you are in Yoga.

By the way the locals often shorten the name of the town from Yogyakarta to Yogya or Jogja.

Other places definitivly worth a visit when you are here are:

  • Pizzaria Nannia, a very good Italian style Pizzaria
  • Kraton, the sultans palace with a museum, you should find pictures on my flickr stream
  • Both the Borobudur
  • and Parambaran temples, two large temple structures that can rival many European cathedrals in expanse and beauty.

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