From 12th until the 16th of December I was at extended First Aid course in Bengkulu at a instituion called Bapelkas. A boardinghouse specially for health related professionals and instituttions.

Patientenversorgung auf Indonesisch
Patientenversorgung auf Indonesisch

We were allowed to help a little with teaching and used the actors cards and our presentation about GRC, too.

Interestingly the current advice from PMI Pussat is to not put people into coma position if they have a broken extremity or a spinal injury. Frankly I was shocked by it and its contrary to everything we are taught in Germany. Bandaging and versorgen of broken bones is practised with planks and triangular bandages. A technique in which I’m not good, I have to admit. But at least this lets Xray Radiation through and the material is cheap. Because PMI is not as well equiped as GRC and sometimes stretchers are in short supply.

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