Activity Report

Overview activities GRC volunteers Bengkulu. To better inform intrested people about our activites here in Bengkulu, we publish here an excerpt from our activity report to GRC Branch Baden. If there is anything we would should do please feel free to suggest it to us.

Activities scheduled or currently in Progress

Project Name Description Time estimated Status
Translation GRC actors cards to Indonesian Translate actors cards for First Aid Instruction / Training into Indonesian with help of local staff for use in schools, PMR, … Time need ca 20 h

Planned for KW 49

In progress;

GRC HQ has given permission, LV Baden has pledged support

Website für PMI Bengkulu Chapter Construction of technical background in order to make website to local PMI Branch. Technical + English texts: Sebastian, Bahasa Texts: local staff Ca 40 h

From KW 49

Wrote draft for local board, not yet submitted expecting approval + funding request.

Asked PMI Pussat for Template

Visits to PMR PMI has variety of Youth Red Cross groups at locals schools. Sebastian + Jerome insisted to visit them in order to talk to students. Preparation of Teaching Material: ca 20 h from KW 50

Visits each about 3 h / continuous

Powerpoint finished, actors cards pending, need to develop or adapt games, model lesson plan not yet started
Participation National Disaster Drill Day Jerome will take pictures of PMI activities on National Disaster Day, Sebastian will help with Medical Action Team,  dressing up victims, 9./10.12.09 whole day

several hours for preparation / and afterwards

Sebastian + Jerome sit in planning meetings, participate in practices,
Introduction to IFRC staff Erhard was supposed to introduce Sebastian + Jerome to IFRC, PMI and other staff in Jakarta 2 – 3 day including travel Sebastian wrote email to Nicolay requesting for December
One volunteer to go to branch outside City of Bengkulu One volunteer should go to local chapter outside Bengkulu to work with them. Scheduled from January Needs further elaboration from Nicola,


Writing Report for Weltwärts WW volunteers to report to GRC Branch Baden + Ministry up on their activities End of February

20 h

Silva wanted to send draft / good report as information to Volunteers?

Jerome makes diary.

Blogging / Foto Sebastian/Jerome is regularly blogging about events + work in Indonesia. Continuous

Ca 5 hours / week

Input welcome
First Aid course 70 h first aid course for volunteers on 7 days (!). Sebastian/Jerome wants to visit on one day About a day


Not yet planned
Ridding office pc from viruses All of the local pcs are infected with viruses, Sebastian + Jerome want to take action. 40 h

not yet scheduled

Has to be elaborated further

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