Infos about Jumbara asean

I got my hand to some more Information of the Jumbara asean, which is the South East Asian Youth Red Cross meeting, that we will be attending from today in Batam a island off Singapore in Indonesia.

See also my last blogpost. I’m a little embarrased, but we will come there virtually empty handed, since neither we nor the delegation has any material in form of pins, flyers or any other stuff we will be able to share there. I built this two posters from the stuff we got send from Germany as power points. But German Youth Red Cross has a good website with many Ideas: IdeenNetz that helped.

In total over 550 people are expected to come.  They are from: (source PMI Batam Website)

Utusan Jumlah
1. PMI Daerah KEPRI & Cabang Batam + Riau 200 orang
2. PMI Daerah Lainnya se – Indonesia 100 orang
3. Remaja Bulan Sabit Merah negara bagian Johor 50 orang
4. Youth Red Cross of Singapore Red Cross 100 orang
5. Youth of Thailand Red Cross 10 orang
6. Youth of Philipine Red Cross 10 orang
7. Youth of Vietnam Red Cross 10 orang
8. Remaja Bulan Sabit Merah Brunai Darussalam 10 orang
9. Panitia 50 orang

And there is a good website from Singapore Red Cross about it. As soon as I have pictures to upload and some more Information I will blog it.


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