Family Kits

Yesterday we got two trucks full of family and hygiene kits. They are intended in case we have a small disaster and we need to resupply a family with the most necessary things or if people have to leave their homes and don’t have anything anymore. The family kits contain stuff to wash yourself (soap and shampoo), kitchen utensils (dishes, plates) a flashlight, candles a big bucket for washing.

The stuff arrived in two trucks, was scheduled for 3 but eventually came here around five and then all the volunteers at hand had to unload it. We tried to hurry because it had started to rain and there was no cover on the trucks to keep the boxes dry.

It took us then about 3 hours to unload and store the stuff in the new warehouse room. Unfortunately the room is so full now, that it will be difficult to quickly access all the boxes. Some of them arrived here bad condition especially the big family kits. The cardboard boxes around them simply broke.

I suggested to tape the bad ones, but PMI was faster putting them into the storage room then I could fetch tape, apparently there was none in the office. So I had to go to the next office supply shop and buy some. We eventually fixed up some of them.

Tomorrow we have the big Search and Rescue at the mountain exercise and maybe Jerome is coming up as well. In the meantime I’m preparing for the Batam South East Asian Youth Red Cross meeting.

More Fotos of the Family Kits arriving.