SAR exercise

SAR Excercise 1The last days we had Mountain Search and Rescue (SAR) exercise in a little village up the mountains from Curup. Its even colder there then „down“ in Curup and all the Bengkulu people constantly keeps complaining about how cold it was. And wore thick jumpers, while I thought its just like maybe a normal early spring day or autumn day. In the night I was glad to have borrowed a sleeping bag and a field-bed (indonesian: veldbett).

We had facilitators from the national SAR office (BASARNAS) and from the local office here in Bengkulu.

The schedule was a little bit grueling, the participants had to stand up at 5:00 and to morning sports for 2 hours then got breakfast and then had theory and practice all day. Undoubtedly the „mental discipline“ from the SATGANA Training with Kopassus, the Indonesian army special forces department, showed since everyone got a new very short haircut before the training.

Sadly I had to leave because I went to Batam for the South East Asian Youth Red Cross meeting. And no pictures because there was issues with the memory card.