Bengkulu Tourism

Repeatedly Friends ask me if there are any tourist attractions in Bengkulu. Well there are not a lot, and certainly we cannot compete with Cities like Bandung or even places like Lombok. But here we go:

Fort Malborough

is one of the surviving structures stemming from the time Bengkulu and all of south Sumatra was in the hands of the British. And during its best times was as large as Fort Georg ein Madras. Recently it has undergone some renovatiosn due to the visit of SBJ (mostly repainted)

Hamilton Obelisk

There is the Hamilton Obelisk a memory to the english Robert Hamilton Officer, who died December 1793 in Bengkulu. The Obelisk stands at the Intersection of Sentoso and Hasan Street

Pantai Panjang

„Long Beach“ is the big and pristine beach in Bengkulu. Some of it is coverd by very pristine casuariana trees. It is fairl easy to reach, just tell the angkot driver „Hypermart“ which is the big shopping center, from which you can easily reach the beach on foot.

Janik Mosque

Was designed by Bung Karno during his exile in the 1940 here in Bengkulu. There is also the house he lived in. The mosque is at Bengkulu main street, you can’t miss it.

Tabot Festival

The Bengkulunese love tabot, not only are thes little gate houses near virtually every important building in town, something you may only see in Bali, but has a diffrent meaning there. They also have a festival to celebrate portalbe tabots each year.

The English Curchyard

This is the gate to the old Englisch Churchyard, as many things in the history of Bengkulu, they seem to be more fond to remember the English Time then the hundreds of years of Dutch rule. Her are some of the Englishman and women who ruled this place and mainly came for gold burried. Its near the police hospital and the Batak Church.


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