Some words to the books I have been reading in the past weeks, despite the heavy preparations for the exams, but of course some of the books I will use for my exams anyway.

State of Mind – „Where will the 99%, America, and the world be in twenty years? “State of Mind” is a future thriller that is relevant today.“ says the LA Times, the book is using cross media heavily. What would happen if chips for the mind would be available? Not only for accessing the internet but for controlling our bodies as well? Well written and a good thriller.

But to some more serious reading:

Pakistan: A Hard Country: A Hard Country – a very insightful book about one of the most troubling and interesting countries on the globe, which will be important to our future.

War of Words: Language Politics and 9/11 – How did the use of language prepare the (american) nation (or us) for the post 9/11 wars? Why did we hear phrases like „Global War on Terror“? A very interesting book.

Skateboarding, Space and the City: Architecture and the Body, Iain Borden –  writes about why skateboarding is important, why it is a counter consumerist discurse and why skate spaces in the city have to be built. I hope we can manage to get Mr. Borden to the city of Freiburg for a lecture, the city planners would love him.

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