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After now living 4 months in Bengkulu City, here in the province of Bengkulu, I would like to give some advise on the restaurants that exist here. This is not a complete guide – just a simple way to give something back to the expat comunity. 🙂

Despite the fact, that this city is not so big and has only limited bule influence, there are quite a lot good restos.

Pak Liha

On the Jalan Pintu Batu, opposite the Mosque designed by Sukarno, is a great sate Padang place. Especially the Sate Ayam with the Peanut sauce is delicious. Eating out for three was 54.000 IDR with drinks. The stuff is cooked on a open fire outside.

Master Koki

A good chinese Eatery, Food is cooked outside, you can watch it. Has a good selection of sea food and other chinese things. Frequented by a younger cloud.


Is in Jalan Nosah Inda and you get a good price for your Padang Style Food.

Warung Arema

Is in the same street as Ruma Sakit Polisi and the English Churchyard. Check out he Gado-Gado and the Ice tea. Prices are very good and we often use it for lunch, when we work in the PMI office


The best bakery you find in Bengkulu is in the Shopping Center near the big beach. Named BIM. It has okay bread, bread rolls and cake.

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5 Responses to “Resto Bengkulu some reviews”

  1. Yuli - bengkulu ^^ Says:

    sebastian, terima kasih sudah membuat tulisan tentang rumah makan yang ada di Bengkulu..
    sebenarnya, betul kata kamu, selain tempat-tempat di atas, masih banyak lagi tempat makan yang lain.. 🙂

    sekadar saran nih, baiknya tempat-tempat itu di-upload juga fotonya,
    supaya makin jelas untuk orang-orang yang mau kuliner di Bengkulu..

    oh ya, buat tulisan tentang tempat wisata sejarah di Bengkulu dong.. >_<

    • Yuli - bengkulu ^^ Says:

      eh, saya ralat.. ternyata ada fotonya, ya.. hehe. mantap!! ^_^b

      oh ya, Rumah Makan SASA itu salah, Sebastian..
      yang benar adalah Rumah Makan (RM) Metro, bukan RM Sasa..
      Sasa itu nama salah satu penyedap masakan yang digunakan masyarakat Indonesia.. 🙂

  2. zetro Says:

    aslm… ada nga lwongan kerja ??? saya masih kuliah blz

  3. zetro Says:

    saya masih kuliah, saya ingin cari kerja. kalo boleh yang masuk sore sampai malam. kalo ada sms aku 085758081213

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