My name is Khan – anschauen!

Yesterday evening I was in the cinema here in Bengkulu. Despite the small selection of films that are shown it is a good cinema and you can’t say anything badly about the price, we paied 15000 IDR (about 1,50 EUR) for our film.

We watched „My Name is Khan“. The experience from watching it in a majority muslim country, togehter with some muslim friends has to be much difficult from doing so in Germany. It reflects the fear of many young muslim, who fear they will be discriminated when they trave to the US or any other western country. And it is reminiscent of the fears many western people, who have never met any educated muslim or rather any muslim at all have. Simply because they don’t know about muslim traditions, regligion and their practice.

The movie will be on in Germany from June 10th.

Website of the Film and the German Website


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  1. Du hast Kahn falsch geschrieben! oder war es eine Anspielung auf den Torwart?

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