Curup Tourism

What is there to visit in Curup. Curup is not as hot as Bengkulu and enven more Indonesian, meaning there foreigners and tourists will be even a bigger event for the locals. So be prepared to be asked many questions and stared at. Its just there are so few foreigners, people its very exceptionally to see them.

You can reach Curup well by Travel (see BHW Travel on Bengkulu section) and there seems to be even an nearby Airport which has flights four times a day from and to Jakarta to Lubulingau. Costing 625000 IDR for the Jakarta route.

The major tourist attraction is the Waterfall and Hot Springs where you can have a really hot bath. Besides you can go for hikes and explore the mountain scenery. As a tourist you are an even more attraction and the people here have their own dialect and even old system of writing. Tulisan_Traditisonal (PDF)

There are two good restos in town, one is called buffet Harmonie and the other one is very good Padang style restaurant Tri Arga in the JL MH Thamrin No 132.


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