Camping around Curup

I was camping for two days around Curup on the many mountains. Bold guys from KSR STIPER the local College for agricultural studies came to the office one day and asked me if I wanted to co camping.

I replied yes, why not. So they told me to follow them, I was taken home on the motorcycle and packed a few things and forgot some essential stuff like my jacket and we went.

First off to a local farmers house, where we put up the tent, cooked noodles and played with the farmer domino till late night. Unfortunately we had only one sleeping back and two sleeping mats. So we had to show some Solidaritas and Togetherness and coddled very close together to get some warmth.

The next morning we took off early and saw the sunrise over the mountains. We walked for hours though jungle, on small paths and on a old Dutch gold diggers road. Finally we came by some hot springs and this mud geyser. The first real geyser and place where hot water and steam come out of the earth and you can see many volcanic formations.

More photos on my flicr stream.


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