What are the views of Finnish youth councilors?

What do finish youth councillors think? A little glimpse into the views held by Finnish youth councillors is provided by this table on the right you find the item in the Finnish translation of the questions on the left the German original question. An overview of the differences and the similarities between Baden-Württemberg and Finnish youth councillors is presented in this article on my Blog.

The table can be downloades as pdf as well: Jugendgemeidneräte_Finnland_Einstellungen_Übersicht_mitFinnischenitems_pdf

The blue line show the age dissipation in Finnland the yellow line in the state of Baden-Württemberg. Note the spread is wider in BW and narrower in Finnland.

In Finland more then 60% of the youth councillors are girls.

Only 22% recieve regular information from nuva ry.

More then 60% of the members of nuva ry have not yet been to any meeting of nuva ry.

23,2% think they more or less interested and 11,4% are intrested in the work of nuva ry


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