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In Finish schools you take off your shoes when entering the building, so we had many visitors and many shoes
In Finish schools you take off your shoes when entering the building, so we had many visitors and many shoes

On the wekend the delegation from the Dachverband der Jugendgemeinderäte in Baden-Württemberg e.V. went to Salo to see our friends from nuva ry and find some new from Hackney youth council in the UK. Hackney is a borough (my indonesian friends would say: kampung) of London. All three groups gave presentations on their work.

I learned many interesting facts on the youth councils in booth countries from this presentations and I will include what I have learned in my thesis.

The presentation from nuva ry about their organization: presentation_nuvary_english_(PDF)

I held a presentation as part of the contribution of the Dachverband der Jugendgemeinderäte on the views of finish youth councillors and youth councils: presentation_for_nuva_ry_english_youthcouncilors_(PDF)

And there was another very interesting presentation from the Youth Forum in Tampere, that seems in some way to resemble the concept of youth participation we wanted to install in Freiburg.

The Finish Greens campaing stall in downtown Helsinki looked great and we got good anti- nuclear power buttons to take home in Finnish. These stalls seem to be widespread and its not so cold in them during the looooong finish winter. When we were there it had only around 5°C and it was even snowing when we landed in Helsinki.

Another highlight was to follow the advice from a very clever youth councilor from Tampere and buy Mämmi, some won’t like it but it is a delicious dish that taests great with ice cream. A malt pudding that looks as if Finland needed some urgent food aid.

The visits had definitely other positive aspects as well, I improved and used my Finish, the umbrella organisations renowned their commitment towards exchanges and in the future we might even include some youth councils from London. Besides that I learned and lost a couple of times in a Finnish card game.

The trip took us two flights and a participant who had never flown before, Andreas had to use all his psychological skills to relief her fears, but she had a good time and made many new friends.

We will report on this at the upcoming meeting of the Dachverband in Bad Liebenzell as well and are looking forward to the many countries education meeting in August.

More photos can be found on my Flickr Stream.


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