My Life with the Atmotube

Today my Atmotube arrived, or rather I had to go to my post office and pay 14,08 € customs duty to get it. The waiting time was not that pleasant as I had to wait since 20th of September 2017 when I ordered the device. Apparently the system, couldn’t work with my last name „Müller“ and made it into somethin strange. Umlaute? Have you heard about them?

While opening the package I cut my finger. Then I had to open another cardbord box and then finally a round tube like box in which was another round box, a usb-c cable and little snap hook.

The actual atmotube is made from metal and feels quite heavy for such a small device. It comes with a very tiny manuel (7cm high). Before using it I had to charge it and download the app to my iPhone.

At the moment I connected the device to my app it looked for it and then displayed the Air Quality Score, Volatile Organic Compounds. The temperature and humidity was greyed as during charging these measurements are apparently not correct.


You can export the data as a csv file and change settings amongst others it is possible to upload the data live to a map and share this map with other people.

What is a little bit strange, is that the history screen does not center on the current time but on 0:00, and I always have to scroll to see the current values. Another strange thing is that the interface only shows the Air Quality Score but not the actual data, like VOC, CO. So we can see only the aggregate data. It would be interesting to see both on the start screen easily.

On Android the Interface seems to be working much better and clearer than the iPhone interface.

So far living with the Atmotube is quite interesting, however I don’t understand for example why the air in my apartment is sometimes ratet good and sometimes bad, even though the window is open and fresh air is coming in.

The Atmo itself only seems to measure VOC and calculates some home made „Air Quality Score“ that one should not mistake for the official Air Quality Index.

I hope to have the opportunity to measure the device or see how it scores, that will be interesting.