Youth Red Cross Competition

Painting for PMRLast weekend we had the big provincial youth red cros competition. 45 schools from all across Bengkulu Province most of them with 20 students each competed in their knowledge of Red Cross History, First Aid Skills and Disaster Prepardness. Despite that the programm inculded a game show, a talk show to have interaction with the board and information from the sponsors the Bank of Indonesia.

The students are aged 11- 16 years and are member of one of the Yout Red Cross clubs in the schools. German Red Cross runs a school based disaster prepardness programm here in the province and many schools benefit from this as well.

We started on friday with putting up a lot of tents, not those for the youth groups they had to to it themselves, but those for the organizers and for food and water distribution.

Frequent readers of this blog may recognize the location, as the one of the sports center where the big national disaster simulation was held.

I did not compete and got a sunburn because I was outside far to long at leas I wore a had.